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DVD Barbarians at the Gate

DVD Barbarians at the Gate

Item #: S-10959
The DVD Barbarians at the Gate stars James Garner, Jonathan Pryce and Peter Riegert. During the 1980's, it was a time when everybody was making big bucks, but F. Ross Johnson, CEO of R.J.R. Nabisco has every intention to do so. When Johnson (played by Garner) decides to buy out the Nabisco shareholders and take over his company, he is introduced to the master of the leveraged buyout; Henry Kravis (played by Pryce).Kravis however begins an aggressive campaign of his own. What follows is a down-to-the-wire battle to see who's really king of the Wall Street jungle. They may look polite, well dressed businessmen, but listen hard and you can hear the pounding of Barbarians at the Gate.

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